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Unfortunately, in modern Medicine, Candida/yeasts are often viewed as harmless micro-organisms causing only trivial problems such as genital thrush, oral thrush, fungal nails and some irritating skin rashes. The reality is that once it gets out of check, it can be life debilitating and can cause a huge myriad of symptoms ranging from palpitations, hypertension, gastritis to dizziness, sore throat and ear irritation. It really is so varied the symptoms that Candida can cause. Having personally lived through a Candida on a few occasions in the last 20 years, I have first-hand knowledge of the infection and have developed this website to help those many sufferers who don’t get the necessary help from their local doctor, who either doesn’t recognise the problem or doesn’t have the knowledge base to treat the infection. Things have slight improved, however only earlier in 2018 in the UK, a professor who I asked for a Candida test said they don’t treat or believe in it. She took my blood pressure, and said I was in great health and there is nothing to worry about. Need I say anymore?

In addition to over 20 years of experience of dealing with and researching Candida, I have studied naturopathic nutrition and I aim to give the latest research, diet information and very importantly, lifestyle information to help combat this infection. Although, there is generally particular emphasis around providing dietary advice and taking the right supplements, lifestyle is of paramount importance. Also, everyone should have an individualised approach, e.g. some supplements worked a lot better for me than others and you may need to tailor your approach to suit your individual requirements.

Above all, I just hope the advice is helpful and that it gives sufferers some good advice on how to overcome Candida and regain their health so that they can start enjoying life again.

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