Its being stated that nearly 25% of the Western population has some form of Candida and given are always on lifestyle, frequent use of antiobitics, and the current food chain system, it’s no wonder. There are so many potential symptoms which can all be directly related that it can be problematic to pinpoint issues. These symptoms include fatigue, bloating, gas, food allergies, sugar craving, vaginal thrush, , poor concentration, brain fog and general weakness/tiredness.  As well as this there could, numerous other symptoms which may not be gastro related – like, loss of libido, discolored nails, earaches, headaches, dizziness, painful joints, muscle pain, inhalant allergies, heart arrhythmias , multiple chemical sensitivities and sinusitis. The trick is trying to spot these symptoms and to act fast. All too often, a symptom left uncheck can lead to a more severe infection and a longer period in getting rid of it. The best thing to do is to test and not guess and save yourself a load of potential issues later on.
Even worse, is that after seeing your medical doctor, he gives you a diagnosis of IBS and sends you off with some pills or laxatives which will alleviate some symptoms at best.

Here are some of the common symptoms and not so common symptoms.

•                    Excessive gas
•                    Bloating or abdominal distention, needs to loosen the waistband regularly.
•                    Bloating or abdominal distention, needs to loosen the waistband regularly.
•                    Heartburn, some foods can be real triggers, and you may know them well.
•                    Constipation/Diarrahea or moving between the two
•                    Rectal itching
•                    Fatigue
•                    Sugar Craving or any other high carb food.
•                    Yellow/white coating of the tongue,
•                    Indigestions
•                    Stomach Pains
•                    Reoccurring bacterial infections

Not so common symptoms

• Blurred vision
• Loss of self confidence
• Ear aches
• Poor concentration
• Alterations or disturbances of smell, taste, sight or hearing
• Irritability, can have a very short fuse, impatient.
• Nervousness and panic attacks.
• Poor concentration
• Confusion
• Mood swings
• Dizziness, light-headed
• Drowsiness, especially when inappropriate
• Numbness and tingling
• Poor memory – especially short term
• Hyperactivity – especially with children
• Crying or emotional spells
• Depression – especially the week before a period in women
• Spaced feeling

Common female Symptoms

A mature woman with a history of hormone replacement therapy •

A woman who has persisten vaginal thrush
A woman who is experiencing pain having sex or who wants to avoid sex
Women who have a history of using the pill
A women who has continuous toe nail infections

Common Male Symptoms

Jock Itch

Reoccurring Athletes foot

Poor motivation, depression and anxiety or any one of many different disorders may develop in men

Psoriasis – Check to see if there is also digestive issues alongside this

Loss of sex drive

Other Factors To Consider

When we are looking at causes, it should be noted, that anything that causes our gut to get disrupted will have any effect and yeast, amongst other issues can start to be a problem.

If your body is constantly inflamed by eating a standard processed diet with no exercise, little sleep and no relaxation time, chances are it can lead to a continuous cycle of medications which will disrupt the gut. Curing a cold with an antibiotic is just complete madness, especially given cold is caused by a virus and not bacteria. We are over using them and they should only be used with a severe infection. It weakens our immune system and causes havoc to our gut.

One of the most important things to overcome taking an antibiotic is take probiotics for a good few months after and prebiotic fibres and food to bring back the diversity that we had before taking antibiotics. Unfortunately our Medical system is way behind the times on this.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress leads to chronic production of cortisol. Cortisol is good in small amounts. Under prolonged some stressful conditions larger, continuous amounts are produced, where it becomes harmful allowing continuous immune-suppression. Continuous immune-suppression predisposes a person to candida infection. This is where candida can take advantage of the situation and cause infection
Stress can cause all sorts of issues to the environment of the gut. This in turn can inhibit the growth and adhesion of lactobacilli. Lactobacilli keep the candida population in check and if lactobacilli cannot stay in the gut, candida will overtake.
Stress can  reduce of IgA antibodies. Because our IgA provides us defence against disease causing organisms, and so any reduction in IgA will make us more susceptible to these organisms.